making less, but better.

Our Values.

Slow Design.

The Drôles de Dames follows a process of Slow Design, in a world constantly trying to optimise each second and capitalise on every opportunity – pushing to overconsumption.

Through Slow Design, we embrace the natural flow of creativity and circumstances of life – contrasting with the over romanticised fast life. The goal being to notice more, and focus on details through slowing down; taking time to find the best solutions matching our values of transparency and sustainability.It manifests itself through limited edition, hand-made, and hand-painted products. 

Ethical & Sustainable.

Following in the steps of the Slow Design value, being ethical and sustainable for us means carefully creating to avoid overconsumption. All limited editions, with pieces made to last you a lifetime, shipped in recycled and recyclable materials. 

We understand sustainability can always be taken a step further, and we aim to continue educating ourselves to eventually expand our ethical & sustainable engagements. We are open to suggestions and constructive feedback through our "Contact Us" form.  :)


Transparency is something we are all craving from businesses at the moment. We believe as a paying customer, you have the right to information on where the money you are spending is going. And that is why, we are committed to always sharing a "transparency sheet" with each product, explaining how we have calculated our costs. This pushes us to double the reflection we put in pricing products, but also sourcing ethical and sustainable materials.

Moreover, it highlight the time, efforts and thought put into each product, and allows you to understand how much goes into each piece.

This decision has strongly been inspired by the brand Attire (by Xenia Adonts and her team). 

Giving Back.

When you receive; it is only natural to give back. With this mindset, The Drôles de Dames acknowledges the privilege to have our products celebrated and appreciated by so many of you. And for that, we not only want to thank you, but give back to a cause close to our heart.  

Two of our posters (Together I and Together II – coming soon), are the exception to our limited edition rule. All the benefits made from these will be given back to a charity, on top of all the NFT related sales. 

We hope to grow this selection of products, and expand our range of actions to help others.